#makeitmondays: pcj <3s parkdale

As many of you know, we're getting ready for the One of a Kind Christmas show (10 days and counting .... eeP!).

This makes it hard to make all of the delicious things with jam. Lately we've been eating it on nothing other than crackers and spoons which does not a great photo make.

We've decided to switch up our #makeitmonday this month and step out of the kitchen. Don't worry though, jam fans, this post will be equally as delicious AND it will make you feel all the feels. <3

This month we're highlighting the makers in our community, Parkdale. Many of you probably already know that it was this place that inspired us to start making jam (and the apple tree and rhubarb plant in our backyard!), and that we've always wanted the opportunity to give back in a really big way.

Luckily for us, our acceptance into the One of a Kind Christmas Show provided us with just that, and we're so excited to tell you that we aim to raise $5000 for community programs in Parkdale by the end of 2017!

In October, we delivered 600 white boxes to two groups of incredibly talented artists at West Neighbourhood House (Newcomer Youth Program) and PARC (Art Group). Since then, each box has been uniquely decorated and will be used as our gift packaging at the show. Even better, $5 from each gift box sale will go directly to the organization responsible for its decoration.

We're so proud of each of these makers and couldn't be happier to be sharing their talents with you for this month's #makeitmonday. Take a look at some of the early creations below (do it, just keep scrollin').

We're also so thankful for a handful of really amazing friends who have agreed to decorate the outstanding 400 boxes so that we'll be able to donate $2500 to each organization should we sell out. That's right jam fans, we wanna SELL OUT.

Now, we know what you're thinking. How can you help? Come and join us at the One of a Kind Christmas Show between November 23 - December 3 (you can even get a $2 discount on tickets by heading HERE and using our super sweet discount code: EFEWFY) and grab one of our gift boxes. You'll be changing lives and, in the process, you'll get some of the BEST damn jam you've ever had!

We think that's the exact definition of WIN-WIN. See you in 10 sleeps, jam fans!

PCJ Insider's Tip: The youth at West Neighbourhood House will also be making our staff shirts for the show with the skills they learn in The Art of Silk Screening classes. Funds raised by WNH gift box sales will support this program along with others provided by the organization.

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