#makeitmondays w. the planted one

We won't lie jam fans, we've been busy. We thought that by having a full-time Jam Man things would get a bit easier but, lucky for us, it's been even more hectic. Markets here there and everywhere AND loads of fun partnerships with some really cool new friends (speaking of which, have you redeemed your BIKO points for free jam yet?!).

One of these cool new friends is Jenn - she's the QUEEN of meal prep and we're so thankful that she's fallen madly and deeply in love with Penny Candy Jam. In celebration of our new love affair, we asked Jenn if we could share one of her recipes for our return to #makeitmondays and she graciously agreed.

We picked our favourite recipe to date but if chia seeds aren't really your thing be sure to stop by her beautiful Instagram account to try things that may be more your style.


Chia Pudding: Half a ripe banana 1 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (we used coconut because ... YUM!) 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp cinnamon 1/3 cup chia seeds 1 tablespoon of your fave vanilla protein powder Layers: - PCJ's all-natural, low-sugar Blackberry <3s Sage

- Coconut yogurt - Homemade almond butter (1.5 cups of unsalted almonds, pinch of salt, 1tbsp of maple syrup - blend!) or organic store bought - Your favourite fruit

- Crunchy granola! Enjoy!

PCJ Insider's Tip: Chia seed pudding is best when prepared in advance. We usually make it the night before and let it get itself together in the fridge while we get our beauty sleep. <3

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