#makeitmondays: summer, can you hear us?

We're still feeling the long weekend and wishing we were hunting for Easter eggs and lounging around the backyard with family. It was one of those EPIC weekends that you never want to end and we feel really lucky to have had the down time.

Thankfully, today was a perfect day. You know, the days that confirm summer is just around the corner. Maybe it was the weather or just the fact that our rooftop patio is just about finished -- whatever it was, today we couldn't help but make jamsicles!

And guess what? Not only did they turn out just right, they also got us SUPER excited about all the fresh fruit that's about to come our way (let's do this, summer!).

So, as the sun sets on the best first day back after a long weekend, here's our newest #makeitmonday recipe:


2 250ml jars of your favourite PCJ flavour (we used pineapple <3s jackfruit)

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

1 tbsp maple syrup (we used our go-to, Cosman + Webb!)

2 tbsp chia seeds

Mix everything together and fill your popsicle molds to the top. Create a flat space in your freezer and load them in with love.

Leave them for at least 5 hours (we left ours overnight) and then enjoy!

PCJ insider's tip: add some of your favourite fresh fruit, too. We added strawberries to these pineapple beauties and they were incredible!

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