Welcome to #makeitmondays!

So many times people come to our sampling table at shows and say 'I'm not really a jam person." We get it. The jam we're buying in stores now isn't how jam is supposed to taste -- it's chock full of preservatives, fillers and sugar. Worse still, it doesn't taste like actual fruit.

That's exactly why we started Penny Candy Jam. We wanted a raspberry jam that tasted like a handful of fresh berries, straight from the bush. A blueberry jam that would make you dream of pie. And a pear jam so juicy you can almost feel it running down your chin. I mean we're all kids at heart, right?

We're also here to show you that jam isn't just for toast. It's for cheese and yogourt and pancakes and BBQs. That's why we've decided to launch #makeitmondays.

Every Monday we're going to show you a new way to use jam. We're hoping it might entice you to try some jam experiments of your own. And, if it does, getting your hands on your very own jar is only a click away.

Thanks to Lauren Toyota (from hot for food) for kicking us off in style. Although her empire cookies were initially made for Christmas, we think they're a perfect fit for Easter (we might even add a bit of food colouring to the dough to make the cookies look just like easter eggs)!

Cookies and jam, is there anything better? Swing back next week to find out!

Welcome to #makeitmondays, jam fans!

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