November 14, 2017

As many of you know, we're getting ready for the One of a Kind Christmas show (10 days and counting .... eeP!). 

This makes it hard to make all of the delicious things with jam. Lately we've been eating it on nothing other than crackers and spoons which does not a...

October 16, 2017

We've been loving the fall weather lately. It's like summer finally decided to loosen up it's incredibly tight grip and let us breathe. 

We're not sure about you guys, but we're loving it. 

It's also meant way more time for hot beverages in the morning on our rooftop pat...

September 18, 2017

Toronto, what are you doing to us? 

We were ready. We had said our goodbyes to summer and then, without warning, you brought it back with a vengeance. 

The one good thing is that we got one last (really) great haul of summer berries on our way to the cottage this past we...

July 31, 2017

We've been to the East Coast and back this summer. The trip was incredible. Inspiring. Relaxing. 

Most importantly the 15 hour drive that we shared with our 12 and 7 year old niece and nephew reminded us about the incredible power of a good PB & J sandwich. Easy to pack...

We won't lie jam fans, we've been busy. We thought that by having a full-time Jam Man things would get a bit easier but, lucky for us, it's been even more hectic. Markets here there and everywhere AND loads of fun partnerships with some really cool new friends (speakin...

As many of you know, Penny Candy Jam started as a passion project. We both had full time jobs and never thought that we'd sell more than a handful of jars here or a half dozen of jars there. They did, after all, make really great bridal shower gifts. 

For the past two y...

May 15, 2017

Ever since our Chief Cheerleader Tiffany went entirely plant-based, we've been doing a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. Now she thinks it's the best thing about cooking--because it's like science!

Truthfully, we're always looking for completely unexpected ways to us...

May 8, 2017

We're not sure about you guys, but our moms are pretty sweet. So, when Mother's Day comes around we love showing them how much we care with desserts as sweet as they are. <3 

Still inspired by the plentiful bounty of our rhubarb plant, we've spent the morning creating w...

May 2, 2017

At almost every market we go to at least one person asks if we make strawberry rhubarb jam. Saying we don't is probably one of the hardest things we do because we can literally hear their hearts breaking.

The thing is, it's not that we don't love strawberry rh...

April 18, 2017

We're still feeling the long weekend and wishing we were hunting for Easter eggs and lounging around the backyard with family. It was one of those EPIC weekends that you never want to end and we feel really lucky to have had the down time. 

Thankfully, today was a perfe...

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November 14, 2017

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